• 1649 Warren Gdns
  • Victoria, B.C. Canada
  • V8S 1S9
  • Phone: 250-382-1646
  • email:
  • - Very experienced in Adobe Photoshop, illustrator and flash.
  • - Working knowledge of 3D studio Max
  • - Proficient in html/xml and CSS with a working knowledge of Javascript.
  • - Strong traditional art skills
  • - Strong communication skills
  • - Ability to learn new programs and skills quickly
  • - Strong UI design and UX design skills ranging from conceptual wire frames and mockups to a completed product
  • - Can adapt to changes in direction quickly and effectively.
  • - Computer Master Training Center 1998-1999
  • - Victoria College of Art 1995 - 1996
  • September 2013 – Present: Art Director at Tiny Mob Games: I am currently the Art Director at a start up
    mobile game studio. I’m responsible for creating and directing the over all look and feel of the game. I
    also oversee the UX and UI design (I do a lot of hands on work with wireframes and designing the UI
    look and feel as well). I manage art and UI outsourcing vendors as well as internal scheduling.

  • February 2014 – March 2014: UX lead at KIXEYE: I did a casual 1 month contract to polish up the
    navigation and first time user experiences for their platform. I acted as a lead working directly with
    directors to prototype various flows.

  • August 2013 – September 2013: UX lead at KIXEYE: I did a 1 month long contract to design the UX of
    their game platform. I created UX flows, UI designs and led the studio as a UX lead designer.

  • July 2007 – June 2013: UI/UX Lead, Art Director at Zynga (working remotely): I was the sole UI/UX designer and Artist Animator at Zynga for it's first year. I branded and designed the company logo and went on to Art Direct FarmVille for a time as well as many expansions.

    • 2007-2013 Lead Artist at Zynga (working remotely): I’ve most recently directed artists in creating cute
      and lovable assets for FarmVille ranging from sketches to completed animated assets.

    • 2007-2008 : I was the only artist in the company at this time and did everything art related:
      UI/UX design, user flows, graphics, art, animation and branding (I designed the Zynga logo)

    • 2008-2010 : Worked on many shipped titles such as Scramble, Word Twist, Path Words, Poker,
      Battleship, Risk, and FarmVille. I did all the UI/UX and art for most of these games with the
      exception of FarmVille

    • 2010-2013 : I worked solely on FarmVille as Art Lead and associate Art Director for a time. I
      shipped many expansions, leading the art, look and feel from planning to completion stages. I
      won the company innovation award in 2011 for my direction on the successful expansion
      “Lighthouse Cove” doing both art direction and hands on art and animation for the project. I also
      had a major role in developing the out sourcing pipeline that FarmVille now uses exclusively for
      asset creation.

  • 2004 - 2007 Lead Artist at Falcon Software. Directed and designed user interfaces for web sites and
    online catalogs for sites ranging from wire and cable sites to cruise lines.

  • 2003 - 2004 Concept Artist for Iron Clad Games (remotely). I did the creature and technical ship designs
    for the game “Sins of a Solar Empire”

  • 1999 - 2003 UI designer at Falcon Software. Designing user interfaces for web sites and online catalogs
    for sites ranging from wire and cable sites to cruise lines.
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