Paul covers a wide variety of styles and has the ability to create new and unique looks. He also has the ability to match a preexisting style precisely. He has gained a great depth of experience from helping to grow Zynga from a small scrappy start-up to a billion dollar company. He is able to understand a companies needs, whether it needs a fast moving agile development style with a small team, or more structure with a larger well established team. Paul's strengths are a solid foundation in art/UI and UX and the ability to come up with solutions when there are a lot of constraints. Lastly he has an incredibly strong communication style.

Located in Victoria, B.C. Canada, he has worked remotely for some of the largest companies in social gaming today. He did a long period with Zynga and multiple contracts with Kixeye. Paul has a deep passion and understanding for creating art and experiences for video games and excels in a multidisciplinary environment. He brings his Art, User Interface and User Experience skills to any role he takes on and always creates a multitude of options in any scenario.